I had the first snowfall of my life in Germany this winter and I was amazed by how fast the landscape changed. It turned into a silent and quiet wilderness that made it even more beautiful.


Xmas Notebooks I ✎

This year I decided to create handmade presents for family and friends. I have been in Germany for three months now and I know it is not a long time but  i miss them already, specially when i enjoy a beautiful snowfall or have discovered a great place to drink a tea, when visiting an amazing exhibition...so that give me the idea to make something special for them, something where they can stick little things they find and want to keep them, to do some sketches and so on. I made personalized notebooks for each of them to make them feel i am not that far.

 Most of them love flowers

Xmas Notebooks II ✐

// There is also somebody who loves wind...and sailing

Xmas Notebooks III ✎


ALIZUL - Psychologist's Consulting

I recently worked for ALIZUL who ask me if I would like to design her new corporate identity for her 
consulting. I am very happy with the result of our work together and it has been a pleasure to work with her as she is so kind and a great professional. Thank you Alicia :-)