København – Easter Break

My first time in Copenhagen was last week. Some friends from England came to visit me in Odense as we had one week off and it was also nice to have a little break and enjoy art, culture and the company of good friends. We decided to spend some days in Copenhagen. I think this city is beautiful, the well maintained architecture, the cleanliness, the stylish people, the cute little shops, cosy restaurants and design everywhere worth the visit. To live there should be interesting...

To take a 55 minutes train to Humlebæk is a must! There you can find Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art. The architecture, the landscape, the delightful food at the museum's restaurant and the selected and exquisite modern art collection worth the visit. 

Back in Copenhagen is time to take a walk around the city. We enjoyed very much the exhibition about Syria's Art of Resistance at the Rundetaarn

On art, censorship, freedom and the revolution in Syria
   "As a cartoonist, it is not my position to discuss politics, but we have been explaining our cause and bleeding for over a year. We will be bleeding and explaining our cause for the next ten years. I haven't seen the British, Dutch or French demonstrating against what's happening in Syria in the way they demonstrated against the Vietnam War. It is a masacre and I am upset by the world's silence.

...I am humbled by the culture and heart of people who cannot draw or write but who are sacrificing their lives for freedom. It's not about being well read, it's about how you behave. I don't want to sound extremist, but Syria is the birthplace of the world's culture - your home before your home. It is where the alphabet was created."
Illustrations by Khalil Younes

GoPro Swingfun in Copenhagen My friend and I made this short video just for fun, thank you Lisanne de Laat !


  1. Beautifully worded and great selection of photos ,I wish I was back in Copenhagen the city is beautiful and the people were soOo friendly and approachable!

  2. Indeed, Copenhagen is a beautiful city, you enjoy it even more when you visit it with great friends (happyness is only real when shared). Thank you very much Jen! I do really appreciate your comment *